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Innovative Elevator Designs Help Users Maximize Useful Space

Modern elevators are as flexible and varied as they are convenient. It is almost unthinkable that the high-rise buildings that dot many cities could be inhabited or used for office space without elevators, and elevators are just as important in industry. In fact, industrial users are often among the most demanding, and elevator designers and producers have worked hard over the decades to please them.

In the 1950s, for example, a number of commercial and industrial clients began clamoring for elevators that could be used to access the very highest portions of their warehouses and factories. Most elevators are topped with lifting equipment that does the heavy work, meaning that the elevator compartments themselves are limited in the heights they can reach, which cuts down on the usable space within a building.

Some innovative thinking on the part of top elevator designers, though, soon overcame that problem. By putting the necessary lifting equipment alongside the elevator shaft instead of on top of it, these creative minds were able to deliver exactly what their customers were looking for.

Today, even more advanced modular machine room less style elevators are a common sight in industrial settings. These modulars allow their users to gain access to every bit of a building or storage structure's vertical space, meaning that usable interior room is maximized.

In fact, these modern modular systems can also easily be extended as desired. Unlike their early ancestors, modern modular systems can be augmented with new sections as users' needs change and grow, making them just as flexible as they are useful in the first place.

Elevators of this style have a number of other important advantages, too. Driving an elevator in this way is actually more efficient, in general, than the usual machine room layout, meaning that this kind of elevator can result in lowering operating costs and other welcome results.

This style of elevator also requires less in terms of maintenance than many other designs and can even be safer than the traditional layouts when properly specified and installed. All in all an impressive achievement, then, these elevators are firm evidence of the innovation and creativity that is often found in the industry.